Logistics of Traveling to Turkey in 2022

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic started, Turkey was one of the few countries in the world that kept its borders wide open to international travelers since June 2020. They also had the loosest guidelines for entry. There was a period between December 2020 to around April 2020 when restaurants were not allowing dine-ins, but takeouts allowed. And curfews were enforced on Turkish Citizens and those with Resident permits, while tourists were exempt. While we are still in the midst of post-pandemic madness with countries opening and closing borders at any given time, Turkey has consistently and is continually the easiest to travel to. The only potentially difficult situation is returning to your country if there are quarantine rules. After traveling back and forth to Turkey for the past 1.5 years, I share what it’s like Traveling to Turkey in 2022 in this post.

As of February 2022, there are 3 simple requirements to travel to Turkey: Health Registry “Entry Form“, Proof of Vaccination or Negative Covid Test and Visa if applicable. I will also share rules of wearing masks, what the general public’s attitude is towards Covid and rules when entering closed spaces.

solo female travel turkey
Solo Female Travel in Turkey is very safe and easy.
traveling to turkey during covid

Do You Need to Quarantine when Traveling to Turkey in 2022?

There has been no requirement that travelers need to quarantine except a few countries:

“Those who have been in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nepal or Sri Lanka in the 14 days prior to travel will be quarantined for 14 days on arrival in a government-listed hotel at their own expense. They must have a confirmed hotel reservation before departure.”

CNN Travel

Masks are not required in public spaces but are enforced inside all public transportations, Taxis, governments spaces and malls. Masks are not heavily enforced in entering restaurants but that depends on the management.

What are the General Attitude of Locals regarding Covid? From my observation, most people are very relaxed with wearing masks or not. Turkish people are very social people and it didn’t stop most people from continually visiting neighbors for tea and meals. Especially today, it’s as if Covid is long gone.

Traveling to turkey during covid
It’s easy to Social Distance while Traveling in Turkey during Covid: at the Beach, in your Rental Car or Airbnb. (Photographed here: Gizem Göktepe, TreYoga Teacher in Marmaris – our Yoga Day at Pixie Club)

What’s it Like to Fly Internationally to Turkey?

Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, to Turkey or anywhere else in the world, you are still required to wear a Mask at the airport and in the whole duration of your flight (except during meals).

Booking your Flight Internationally to Turkey and Domestically

Booking an international flight to Turkey is as simple as ever. I always start with Skyscanner.com or any booking sites to get an idea of pricing. And then I also check the airlines where I gather my miles from the 3 Major International Alliance Groups: United Air (Star Alliance), American Airlines (One World) and Delta (SkyTeam) for deals. The best will always be to fly nonstop on Turkish Airlines which belongs to Star Alliance. The average cost of miles is 30,000 miles one way through United Airlines.

Estimated Pricing from LAX to IST:

Roundtrip flights on Turkish Airlines from LAX to IST have been on average $700. Though you will notice one way flights are at least $550 if nonstop, so you might as well book the roundtrip flight. The other most popular route with similar pricing is via Qatar Airlines but with a stop. These are my 2 favorite airlines, not just in traveling to Turkey but in general. Flights with one stop can cost as little as $550 roundtrip!

Booking domestic flights within Turkey is also easy and SUPER cheap. I also use Skyscanner to do my initial search and the most popular airlines flying within are Turkish Airlines and Pegasus. The average price for flights within Turkey is $17-30 one way. Typically I would just book the day before and would find flights at this price. Sometimes the flights can go up to $40-50 if booked last minute or at specific times.

traveling to turkey during covid
The Sunsets in Turkey are Breathtaking. (Photographed at the trendy rooftop bar: Monkey Istanbul)
Don't feel like taking Public Transports? Here is more information on taking Taxis in Istanbul.

What’s it like Entering Customs in Turkey during Covid?

Entering Customs is no different than pre-Covid. The only 2 requirements for all travelers is:

  1. Entrance Form to Turkey – which includes your HES Code. Fill it out here: https://register.health.gov.tr. You can select English on the top right.
  2. Negative Covid Test taken within 72 hours or Proof of Vaccination (last taken prior to 14 days ago).
  3. The last requirement is an E-Visa, if necessary, depending on your Passport.
cutest turkish cats
Whether you’re a Cat person or not.. you will very likely fall in love with them after a trip to Turkey.

Do Americans Need a Visa to Enter Turkey?

An E-Visa is required for Americans traveling to Turkey. But no fret, it’s an online application that takes no longer than 4 minutes to fill out. You fill out a few questions, pay $50 with a credit card, and they email you a confirmation right away. You will be asked this when boarding the flight, but not when you arrive as it’ll show up in the system once they scan your passport.

hagia sophia 2020
Friday is the Holiest Day in Islam. I recommend visiting a Mosque, such as the Hagia Sophia at 1pm on Fridays

So is it Safe Traveling to Turkey during Covid?

Most Restaurants and Bars I visited are not too strict as far as social distancing so that’s up to you where you feel comfortable going. In my honest opinion, the general population in public doesn’t seem to take Covid as seriously as some other parts of the world. The sanitation with washing hands is not as strict as in America. People love to socialize. But you can do your part to always wear a mask, use hand sanitizers and choose where to eat and where to stay.

traveling to turkey during covid - marmaris farmers market
The Farmer’s Market happens every Tuesday morning in Marmaris. This is the best place to shop for local produce.

Ways to Social Distance while Traveling in Turkey and Everywhere Else

traveling to turkey during covid
One of the best ways to social distance while traveling during covid, is to rent an Airbnb with a kitchen so that you can prepare more meals at home.

For many people, taking a long international flight is the scariest part of traveling during the Pandemic. Taking public transportation, dining in restaurants, going to markets, beaches and bars elevates your chances of catching Covid. I would highly recommend renting a car while traveling in Turkey (except in Istanbul where traffic is crazy). The daily cost of car rental is at an average $20 a day for automatic and $15 for manual. Car insurance is not required if your credit card covers it (ie: Chase Sapphire Reserve does). Traveling during Covid or not, I always prefer Airbnbs over Hotels as it’s more affordable and gives you more space especially if you are sharing with friends. This way, you have the option of cooking more meals at home.

Americans traveling to Turkey
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I’ve written an article exclusively for Solo Female Travel in Turkey.
For another perspective on Traveling to Turkey during Covid, read my good friend, Angel’s Informative Post here.

traveling to turkey during covid
Renting a Car is the most practical, cost-efficient and convenient way to see a new country. It’s also the best way to social distance in 2020.

On up to date, specific information, visit the U.S. Embassy & Consulates of Turkey website.

Where Else can Americans Travel to in 2020?

Tempted to Travel to Turkey but want to get your feet wet closer? Mexico is also open for American Tourists (as of June 2020). I wrote about it here: https://www.bohemianvagabond.com/can-americans-travel-to-mexico-now-during-covid/

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