Varkala Beach

I’m here in Varkala.. gorgeous beach, definitely inhabited by tourists, families, couples, backpackers, and catered to tourists.. i like it tho, its peaceful. its the first place where I’m pretty content in being here.

Next to backpackers traveling alone… I am envious of the young couples traveling together. That has been added to the ultimate must for male prospects.. A man I can have fun in the city with.. and loves backpacking around the world with me.. one that will try any kind of food.. along with lists of others, but those are the 2 must before we can proceed.. Same with friends, if you can travel with a friend around the world, you can do anything with them.

I pretty much am able to blend in with the natives here with my burnt/tanned skin.. I Love it tho! I have a yoga class at 5 pm today.. and 8 pm a cooking class. I’m staying at the Kerala Bamboo House.. spacious clean room.. I didn’t have to use the momma bucket and baby bucket to shower this morning!

I may be coming down with a cold, but it goes away quick..

I ate at Amatha cafe today.. recommended by lonely planet.. had a pineapple lassi (mango was out of season) and prawn noodles.. so so.. going to the beach now to finish my book “China Dolls”.. and off to yoga!!!

Currently also reading “Our Culture and whats left of it”.. and my lonely planet book..

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