What to do in LiJiang, Yunnan (China)

China Travel Guide: What to Do in Lijiang, China

what to do in lijiang

We started the day horseback riding with the Naxi ethnic group with the most hilarious guide. He was cracking jokes with us from the start, spitting out random english words he knew, while serenading to us “Alisan Gu-niang” by Teresa Teng. For those that know Mandarin, he told us his horse’s name was “Èr Baî Sèh Séh Jîo” (249). This means that 249 is 1 short of “205”, translated to “Er Bai Woo” which translates to being a tacky idiot.

During our horseback ride, we rode through gorgeous sceneries of waterfalls and lakes. Stopped off for some freshly made bread by locals and took a picture with a bling bling’in sheep. Then ended our horse ride at the the La-Xi lake. This was the farm, village-side of ‘ancient’ China I preferred to spend my time in, over the booming China we saw in the big cities.

What to Do in Lijiang:

  • Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
  • Old Town of Lijiang
  • Black Dragon Pool
  • Blue Moon Valley
  • Shuhe Ancient Town
  • The First Bend of Yangtze River
  • Three Parallel Rivers
  • Lashi Sea
  • Lugu Lake
  • Yufeng Temple
  • Baishuihe
  • Yunshanping
  • Li Jiang Guan Yin Xia
  • Sifang Street

LiJiang Travel Video

This is a travel video I shot and edited of what to do in Lijiang. With an abundance of lamb, sheep and goat in Yunnan, there is a whole street filled with restaurants cooking these adorable creatures in various ways. They serve them on skewers, in dishes or if you dare, in whole. We decided to enjoy a lamb meal in hotpot. It’s customary and recommended to enjoy the meal with with some Gao-Liang Liquor (50% rice liquor) that the Chinese commonly drink.

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