Are you Human Kinda?

Tonight, I’d like to share with you my fellow Earthlings, “Human Kinda“, an introspective look at our busy lives in the 21st century, especially when it comes to Americans and stress. Enjoy this 15-minute short-film presented by Jetblue.

americans and stress

I feel this anxiousness every waking moment of my days. Even during my sleep my mind is stressing over to-do lists. I never seem to have enough “time” for my blog, “time” to work out enough, “time” to work, “time” for it all. I’m rushed to my Yoga class, then I’m rushed to get out of Savasana. Slowing down is something many of us Americans (especially) are having a tough time balancing.

americans and stress

With that said, I’m cutting this post short, going to go to bed early & reading a new book. Instead of the 10 other things I thought I needed to do before bed.

Enjoy this short-film my friends, I promise you it’s well worth your 15 minutes for some perspective into your current life. And to start questioning if all this stress is really worth it? Instead, start practicing mindfulness!

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