Beach Sarong : A Versatile Travel Accessory

rasta sarong
Me covered in a rasta Sarong in Kollam, South India by Ama’s “Hugging Saint” Ashram, where the Arabian Sea meets the Indian Ocean, March 2007

No matter where it is you’re traveling, a beach Sarong is a versatile, essential travel accessory. You may be going on a romantic getaway to Bora Bora, a tropical printed Sarong would come in great as a cover-up to the beach. Or around town if you’re too lazy to put on clothes.

If you’re vacationing in Cabo with the girls, a Sarong is a must-have accessory to layout on. Or to cover lawn chairs. I tie it up as a dress which is easy to do and saves space in my bag.

A sarong could come in really handy when visiting countries with stricter dress codes. Females may use it as headscarves and cover their shoulders in temples. It could also be used as a scarf when it’s cold.

Use it as a statement. It’s a way of representing your country’s flag as backpackers are always proud of where they’ve come from.

Hang it from your bunk bed at your hostel to claim territory, or outside your hut!

Use it as a political statement.


Practical Uses of a Beach Sarong

When backpacking/traveling, many hostels may not have the cleanest beds or pillows. Hey, what do you expect for 15 Shekels/night? You could use your beach sarong as a sheet to cover your bed. You could use it as a pillow on the plane. Use it as a way to hold your dirty clothes. Also, a sarong could be used to cover cracks allowing light into the room. No one needs that extra light when we’re on vacation sleeping in!

A beach sarong is also a wonderful gift to give friends/families (for both boys & girls!). I just gave one to my sister who’s going off to college tomorrow in San Diego. I know she’ll be stylin’ with the California Flag Sarong. Representing her state while laying on the beach catching a tan.


Think of which Beach Destination to go next with your new sarong?

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