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Wowowow! I just teared up of joy and pride of my hometown Hacienda Heights watching the “Colima Road” youtube video. Colima road would be the famous road that runs through to Rowland Heights & Diamond Bar. I grew up on this road. My elementary, junior & high school was around there. After school, my dad would drive my grandma in his minivan to the 99 ranch market or Hong Kong market. Anyone that knows good food, knows that the best Taiwanese & Chinese restaurants are in Rowland Heights, NOT Chinatown. There are some good ones in San Gabriel too, but I’m going to vote Rowland Heights as the best. It’s all those mom-n-pop shops with no Engrish names that are the yummiest to go to. As far as restaurant cleansiness, you know it’s the ‘B’ or ‘C’ rated that tastes the best. For $4 a bowl of noodles, you will have a bigger party inĀ  your mouth than any $20 meal in LA. MSG? More prease.

When asked where I grew up, no one knows what and where Hacienda Heights is. I’d have to further explain it’s only 25 miles east of West LA, a member of LA county, on the intersection of 605 and 60 fwy. Some may know 60 as the fwy to Riverside. I say Diamond bar and then it becomes more familiar. I’ve come to really appreciate this small town I grew up in. I found myself driving 30 miles east or west (whether in College or now) to go home weekly for the food, market and culture. Colima road has grown to become a Culinary landmark within the last 5 years.

There are a lot of yuppy/hipstery cafe shops that have opened, just to name a few..

85c – fresh, beautiful pastries (complete FOOD PORN!), cakes & coffee drinks, with lines out the door. It became very popular among the S. Cali culture this past year in Irvine, originally from Asia (Taiwan & Shanghai)
Guppy House – huge portions of desserts and drinks to share among friends, open late nights
Class 3o2 – a Taiwanese restaurant with tapas sized portions of skewers and noodles, the interior like a classroom in Taiwan
Half & Half – Cafe shop with specialized boba drinks
Phoenix Cafe – Different kinds of Chinese specialties, I recommend the Singapore curry noodles. YUM!!!
No. 1. Noodle Shop, in Yes Plaza – for SPICY, delicious beef stew noodles

Check out my Yelp reviews, or send me a message. There a few others I don’t know the name of. I’ll be more than glad to tell you all the spots, or heck, I’ll even take you!

A few cool kids decided to film a video about Colima road. Amazing Job FungBros Production for portraying our humble little street & shedding light on an under-appreciated area! I salute you!

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