My absolute favorite food in the whole wide world is a bowl of Beef Noodle Soup. This is my ultimate go-to comfort food, my guilty pleasure. Any time of the day, any season of the year. There are various versions in which I rarely discriminate against as I appreciate them all, as long as heart and love is put into cooking it.


Depending on which region in China or Taiwan you visit or who’s kitchen you visit, they will taste different according to various factors: the part of the beef one uses: shank, bone, tendon, or chuck, to the total cooking time, to the various herbs and sauces used. From tasting various recipes, I created my own which was published on ARE Magazine. Enjoy!


A Traditional Beef Noodle Soup Recipe

traditional Beef Noodle Soup Recipe

Where to Slurp a Bowl of Beef Noodle Soup in Los Angeles

In case you’re drooling but don’t quite feel like cooking a feast, here are a few restaurants I highly recommend with my favorite Beef Noodle Soups in Los Angeles. The best are in the San Gabriel Valley, where the best Taiwanese & Chinese restaurants are, so I’ll start from East to West:

  • Bobee, Rowland Heights
    Taiwanese Cafe that also sells boba & iced teas. Order the Hand-Pulled noodles for $1 more. Their appetizers and other entrees are good too. Feeling adventurous? Order the Stinky Tofu (Taiwanese street food).
  • Malan Noodles, Hacienda Heights
    Chinese restaurant with a variety of hand-pulled noodle options. I recommend the Triangular-shaped noodles in your Beef Braised Noodle Soup.
  • Bull Demon King, Temple City (also in Arcadia & Diamond Bar)
    Classic small Taiwanese restaurant. Yummmmmy! Order the thick noodles and as spicy as you’d like it (they even have the Spicy Challenge if you dare). All the sides are uh-amazing as well!
  • Pine & Crane, Silverlake
    If you don’t want to drive further east, the Beef Noodle Soup here are pretty good. It has a much cleaner soy broth flavor which does not contain herbs. I also appreciate that their vegetables are organic and brought in by local farms.
  • ROC, West LA
    In the midst of the hustle & bustle of Sawtelle blvd, is the best Taiwanese restaurant you’ll find in West LA. While their Beef Noodle Soup is not my favorite compared to those found in the 626, and they tend to skimp out on the broth, you could still enjoy a bowl while enjoying all their other delicious dishes.


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