The Best Truffle Pasta in Rome, Italy

Where would one find the best Truffle Pasta in all of Rome?

Many would think at a generationally owned family restaurant in some small alley.
Or possibly at a fancier establishment.

Believe it or not, this gem could also be found at the Roma Termini Main Station food court ‘Il Merkato Centrale‘. YES, the Central Train/Bus Station where thousands of tourists/locals are dropped off daily is where I found the best Truffle Pasta.

Best Truffle Pasta in Rome, Italy

Il Merkato Centrale inside Roma Termini Station
Located on the right upon the last entrance (on the right) of Il Merkato Centrale at Roma Termini Main Station.


Roma Termini Railway Station ‘Il Merkato Centrale’

I had a layover in Rome on my way to Lebanon and back via Alitalia Airlines. This left me close to 30 hours to explore the restaurants and cafés. From the Rome Airport, I took a bus to the Main Railway Station “Termini“. Before I would set foot to explore the city, I aimed towards the loo in the Il Merkato Centrale (Central Market) as I glanced over at the restaurants, cafes and bars at this busy station.

I came across “Il Tartufo” by Chef Luciano Savini. Located at the far right entrance of the station, it is the first walk up restaurant on the right. Believe me, you’ll see and smell the abundance of truffle upon entrance.

My mouth dropped and then watered some more over the perfect amount of Truffle shaved by the chef. I wasn’t too hungry at the time and my self-inflicted obligation told my brain I had to save my appetite for a more authentic restaurant in the city. But my curiosity, nose, and eyes, lead me to order a plate. I propped my luggage down by a stool and ordered a plate of “Tagliolino Al Tartufo Fresco” which translates to a Black Shaved Truffle over a perfectly ‘al denté’ hand made spaghetti pasta.

Best Truffle Pasta in Rome Italy

Best. Truffle. Pasta. Ever.
I may nominate it as a candidate for a last supper meal.

Il Tartufo
(inside Mercato Centrale Roma)
Via Giolitti, 36
Termini Station

Hours of Operation:  Every day from 7 am to 12 am
How to Get There:      Purchase a Bus Ticket from right outside the Rome airport. Just 6 euros or 9 euro roundtrip from any of the vendors.

**They also sell bottles of truffle by the ‘Savini Tartufi‘ brand.


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