1 06, 2010

Mykonos: A Hedonistic Society.

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After some heavy bumps in the road, we never let the spirit get us down. We arrived at the Hotel Association of Renters at Old Port, and entered the room to a sweeter lady who asked us what we needed. We told her we prefered a home stay for 50 euros or less. She had [...]

30 05, 2010

1st day: Paradise Beach, Mykonos.

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From Samos, we took the Ferry at 1:30pm to Mykonos.. arrived at 7pm. We rode the Hellenic Seaways (50$) Yacht which was nicer than any Yacht I've ever been on. The first 2 floors being work area & 3rd/4th being savvy parking lots for cars and motorcycles. The 6th and 7th floor having sun decks [...]

25 05, 2010

8 hour Layover ın Amsterdam

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On our way ınto our 3 week trıp to Turkey, Greece and Israel.. we had an 8 hour Layover ın Amsterdam whıch I had forgotten about untıl 2 days before. Now how dull would that be ıf we dıdn`t take advantage of that?! After a 9 hour flıght from LAX to Amsterdam.. we rushed out [...]

23 05, 2010

Backpacking Turkey, Greece, Israel for 3 weeks

By | May 23rd, 2010|Categories: Europe, Middle East|

On ze Road again.. with my dearest Friend, Jujeh, #1 Foodie.. Marissa! ~May 23 - June 11: Starting with an 8 hour Layover in Amsterdam.. running off the plane & hopping on the Subway to town for a few hours, visit Van Gogh museum after some local treats. Backpacking Istanbul, Turkey to taste what's known [...]

25 08, 2009

Quick Italian Recipes

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I love Italian Food. Here are a few quick - 30 minutes or less recipes. Impressive Party Appetizers too: Pesto Pasta: -Boil Spaghetti or Linguini in salted water, then drain-Add Pesto (I got Basil Pesto sauce), sprinkle chopped up basil, squeeze lemon, sprinkle red pepper.. (optional) top with Parmesean cheese (optional) Grilled Chicken breast on [...]