Enamored by the movie: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I’m a complete Hopeless Romantic, and it melts my heart to watch such good romantic films! Now although I’m a sucker for these heart-throb chick flicks, I can distinguish a well-written one vs a dumb cheesy one. I Absolutely LOVED THIS MOVIE!!

This film was written & directed by Woody Allen. Famous stars include Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johansson & Penelope Cruz. Bardem’s character was extremely charming, and totally the type of man I’d find dreamy.. but I’m scarred for life with the image of him from No Country for Old Men.

An extremely witty film about 2 American girlfriends: complete opposites. There’s Vicky who’s there to write her thesis on Catalyn Identity (a romance language in Spain- famous influential artist include Antoni Gaudi). Very conservative, practical, plays it safe, scared type of gal. Then there’s Cristina, a free-spirit finding herself. The picture itself was mind-blowing, as it was based in Barcelona! Oh, how I long to move there! Just for the summer, just for a season. Any way to get me out of here! So many beautiful places to see in this world! The basic synopsis is that they both fall for Bardem’s character, a Charming bohemian-Esque famous painter. His extreme liberal lifestyle and perception intrigue them, opening their minds and questioning their own views.

The movie takes you through a whirlwind of philosophical conversations – meanings of love, art, European lifestyle/thinking vs the American way, new perspectives, settling, letting go, and so much more.

On Love/relationships, the issue is brought up to mind:

1) Is a civil, stable relationship really the way to go? You have 2 characters in this film miserable in their relationship due to a lack of passion, but they seem to wed out of safety – the man has money, security and is less likely to hurt them.

2) You have Bardem’s character, a lady charmer. You can call him a womanizer, or you can call him a man with a lot of passion and appreciation for a diverse range of aesthetics. From the start of the movie, he openly talks about his ex-wife, and how they are absolutely crazy in love with each other, but could never work out because there’s “something missing”, which they cannot pin-point. They are in a physically & emotionally abusive relationship, yet they motivate each other’s work to the extreme. (VS the first scenario where the individuals are bored and not stimulated by their significant other).
Later you will see compromises being made, accepting that one person may not have it all, so you take what you can from one, and the same with the next over. It is not conventional, but in some sick way, a liberal can accept and appreciate it.

If you’re into Spanish Guitars, total romance music, you’ll love the soundtrack!

Here are a few to start:

“Asturias” by Juan Quesada
“Granada” by Emilio de Benit

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