Chasing Waterfalls in Samaná


There is a famous song in the 90’s by TLC which advised not to chase waterfalls, but to stick with the rivers and lakes that we are use to. But what if you could have it all? I believe that we should chase waterfalls, metaphorically and physically. If we don’t chase after waterfalls to places and dreams we aspire for, then how would we ever reach paradise?

IMG_0303Many Americans traveling to Dominican Republic go to Punta Cana, a beautiful beach town in the South East that have been populated by tourism but fewer have heard of this hidden gem known as Samaná on the North Eastern Atlantic coast. Situated on a peninsula surrounded by white sand beaches and mountainous terrain on 330 square miles, Europeans & Canadians have had Samaná on their radar as their go-to beach destination and certainly do not want to spoil the secret!

If you are looking for a quieter, more secluded, off the beaten path destination, this is it, a little piece of paradise in the world. It did take a bit of journey to reach there, and it was well worth the ride.

The Journey to Samaná

The journey began by flying into Santo Domingo and then a 3 hour scenic car ride to Samaná. We checked in at the Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, one of the lovely Bahia Resort chains throughout Central America.

Shortly after breakfast, we boarded an open-air shuttle with our free-spirited guide Jackie for a day of horseback riding as we set our journey to chase waterfalls. We weren’t sure where the journey would take us but the day would end up being one of the most unforgettable day of my life, so rich in beauty, nature and culture. The ride was an adventure in itself, passing through local villages, observing the every day life of locals that seem to be untainted by tourism. They waved as we drove by and smiles were exchanged. True hospitality.

Local children enjoying the fresh water at Piscina Natural en El Limon.


La Cascada Salto el Limon

Finding the right horse for each of us.
Friendly woman hands us helmets for our Horseback ride.


IMG_0324Once we arrived to La Cascada Salto el Limon, we each picked a horse most appropriate to our height and size. We rode on a slow trot through the lush green jungle passing through various medicinal plants, rivers, lakes, wildlife, streams, birds and coconut trees with our own local guide. Along our 1.5 mile ride, we would pass through half a dozen of soothing waterfalls, each with it’s own uniqueness.


Samaná is filled with lush green sceneries.


About 45 minutes in, we reached a resting area where we took a break from our horses. Here, locals sell souvenirs from paintings to necklaces to soft drinks and is a great place to catch a breath.


 IMG_0353 IMG_0351 IMG_0349


Our fun, energetic tour guide Jackie!

Upon arrival, we were offered Dominican Republic’s signature drink, the “Mamajuana” made of Dark Rum, Red Wine, Honey and various spices/roots/herbs. Urban legend has called this drink an Aphrodisiac, or the local slang of “El Para Palo (‘lift the stick’). That would be up to you to experiment and report back if it in fact works!

Getting a taste of Mamajuana with a Samana local.

Once a bit of buzz set in, we trekked about 200 steps of stairs to the master waterfall we had been chasing all day. The waterfall stands tall at 130 feet or 50 meters high from the top of the Sierra Samaná. Locals, travelers and children jumped in from various cliffs doing backflips. We all stripped down to our bikini’s and dived in for the most rewarding, refreshing swim ever.

Dived in for a lovely swim. None of us wanted to get out.


The roundtrip takes approximately 3 hours depending on how long you swim, and typically costs $35-50.



After sundown and a refreshing cold shower, we cooled down at the resort where we enjoyed a lovely Italian dinner. After dinner, we took taxis to Las Terrenas, the laid back expat downtown of Samaná with lively bars and restaurants along the beach front. You can find a variety of local cuisines, bars to Discoteca’s to move your hips to Merengue and Bachata.

Getting there:


There are flights to Samaná (AZS) but are limited and with a stopover. Best recommendation is to fly to Las Américas International Airport, an international airport located in Punta Caucedo, near Santo Domingo and Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic. Hire a taxi or hotel pickup to Samaná and enjoy a 3 hour scenic drive up the coast.


View from the Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo Resort.

Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo is the closest resort for this particular horseback and waterfall excursion while you can find a dozen other similar excursions across the island. El Portillo is Bahia Principe’s best resort for families. A resemblance of a mini Disneyland with 6 restaurants, 8 bars, volleyball court, 2 major swimming pools, gym, theatre with a diverse movie line up throughout the week and a lovely spa. For children, there is a Mini Club with a playground and a Bahia Scout Water Park.


The 606 hotel rooms are scattered throughout the resort in separate bungalow style buildings. Each room is spacious with luxurious bathrooms, balcony and daily maid service never to disappoint.

The property is located on the beach with soft white sand and turquoise water. There is a beach shack where you can rent Stand-Up Paddleboards, Snorkels, Catamaran and Kayaks. (1 hour free included in the resort price.)

Get a Mamahuana massage at Bahia Spa.

The prices start affordably at $69 per person, per night / all inclusive, depending on season and availability. You can’t really go wrong going any time of the year considering the warm climate Dominican Republic boasts.

Address: Crta. Las Terrenas – El Limón, Km 4. Las Terrenas. Samana. Dominican Republic

There are 3 other Bahia resorts that are more exclusive for the Honeymooner or Adult Only resorts I would highly recommend: Luxury Bahia Principe Don Pablo Collection, Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado and Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa.


Now that I found paradise, I could stay forever.


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