Classic Burger: Hamburger Hamlet

Los Angeles never disappoints when you want a good meal. In fact, it’s my favorite city in America for the best food in all categories. We could find virtually anything that our heart desires, and in an instant. But to find quality, we must dig a bit deeper. I’m a huge burger lover and am always on the look out for the juiciest, tastiest burgers.. and it must be with the perfect bun. You could have a great patty but if the bun doesn’t fit due to width, height, texture, it could potentially ruin the whole flavor. The ingredients that go in matter just as much. It’s about the whole package, just like men, just like women. I take my burgers very seriously.

The Marilyn (as in Monroe) Burger, made with Avacado, Tomato, Lettuce & Monterey Cheese

Hamburger Hamlet is a family-friendly diner that serves all-day breakfasts, brunch, burgers, salads & shakes in a warm, classic, comfort all-American ambiance. It has been a Los Angeles favorite since the 1950’s that has transcended through several generations of families, locals, celebrities and travelers. The restaurant has began it’s popularity in the early days on Sunset blvd where the celebrities dined to it’s expansion throughout Westwood, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Brentwood, DC to it’s newest and renovated location in Sherman Oaks today.

Hamburger Hamlet began it’s roots in 1950

hamburger-hamlet-old-menu-150x150Beginning it’s journey in 1950, Harry and Marilyn Lewis has carried on a legacy for almost 7 decades. At it’s prime, there were 24 restaurants across the US. Since it’s hay day, the restaurant has been frequented by celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and Dean Martin.

Today, Hamburger Hamlet is located in the heart of Sherman Oaks on Van Nuys boulevard. Easy access off the 101 highway or right off Ventura blvd, there is no better location for a delicious burger joint than one of the most popular neighborhoods in LA County. Foodies have been crossing over the hill to the valley for authentic tasting food with a more intimate vibe. Definitely less commotion than that of the Westside.

While unassuming from the exterior, Hamburger Hamlet has renovated it’s concept and interior decor, with a new owner since 2014. Still focusing on the best Burger & Shake in town, the restaurant is also moving towards a hipper vibe. There are more items on the menu that’ll appease every type of clientele’s craving.

Californians care where their is beef from. Rest assure, the beef here are all natural and locally sourced from Harris Ranch in Central California. Every burger is hand formed to order. No two burgers are ever the same like the manufactured, processed patties that many other restaurants use.


What to Order

the-brunch-burger-the-hamburger-hamlet-2For brunch, merge your classic breakfast sandwich craving with a burger. The Brunch Burger is served with a sunny-side up egg, bacon, cheddar cheese on a buttery croissant bun.

For a fancier brunch selection, I’d recommend the Famous “Pain Perdu” French Toast. It is made with extra thick Brioche bread soaked in cinnamon milk, served a side of berries, maple syrup and powdered sugar.


The signature appetizer is the Zucchini Zircles hand made from fresh zucchini, hand-cut and golden fried in Italian bread crumbs served with delicious apricot sauce and ranch dressing.

Bite into a Zucchini Circle


Golden Fried Chicken Wings

To begin your lunch, dinner or afternoon bite, try the famous Lobster Bisque made from a medley of crab and lobster with a dash of sherry. So rich and creamy.


Spinach Burger

Personally, my favorite burger is the Spinach Burger made with Cheddar & Muenster Cheese sprinkled with little fried onions. Whatever your taste preference is, all the burgers have been creatively designed on the menu to satisfy your tastebuds. Without the actual use of the word ‘umami’, it will surely bring out your sixth taste sense.

Their sides are just as delicious with the choice of shoestring fries, steak fries, little fried onions, house salad or cole slaw. The service makes you feel right at home, where the waiters/waitresses are well-informed of the menu and honest in their suggestions.

Be sure to save room for dessert! While I’m not huge on sweets or dessert, I do love a good old fashioned chocolate cake with some vanilla ice cream. This cake is rich, dense, and taking each bite takes you a bit closer to heaven.

The Ultimate Hot Fudge Layer Cake

When you’re done with your meal, head over to the bar before your night out, just stumbling distance to the bars on Ventura. Enjoy the big comfortable red cushioned bar seats for some Hand-Crafted Cocktails while befriending the friendly bartender. There is a fine selection of wine, beer or your favorite cocktails. How about a Manhattan or Old Fashioned crafted to perfection?

The legendary restaurant was, “like a country club without the monthly membership,” remembers one waiter, who also said in this LA Magazine piece: “I waited on everyone from Danny Thomas to Florence Henderson to Mel Brooks.”

The renovated Hamburger Hamlet remains it’s classic approach on a quality burger and maintaining the quality service. Here’s a toast to a good burger & martini!



Hamburger Hamlet

4419 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Open 11:30am – 11pm

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