Bangkok, Thailand – Day 1

Currency: 1$ = 32 Thai Baht


We arrived last night at 11:30 pm in the Bangkok Airport. Like everything else, the Yin & Yang, Light & Dark, I believe that the suffering equivilant of traveling is the flight itself. The farther you go, the longer the flight. The more remote you go, the more connecting flights. It was about a 24 hour total flight, 11 from LAX to Tokyo, a 3 hour layover, then a 6 hour flight to Bangkok. But we’re here!!!! “Alive” (is all my parents want me to write them everyday).

It was a 8$ cab ride from airport to our hostel: New Road Guesthouse, recommended by Lonely Planet. It’s a rather nice hostel, a room with bunk beds of 2-8 ranging from 5$-20$. Ours is 12$ a person for a room, the basic amenities needed: shower, bed, tv, air con. I was starving at midnight so we took a 3 block walk to a major intersection where we found a outdoor street vender restaurant. I ordered some chicken fried rice for 1.50$, it was ordinary but what made it mouth watering was the green & red thai chili i accompanied it with every bite.

Got up at 7 am this morning, started some filming at the hostel. They served international breakfast here for 5$ w unlimited coffee (selling point). Thereafter we walked to the river and hopped on the Orange line ‘Water Taxi’ which costs 13 Baht for fare (40 cents). It has a total of 30 stops along the river to various parts of the city: hotels, neighborhoods, shops etc. Our destination was the Grand Palace. Establisehd in 1782 with an area of 218,000 square meters and is surruonded by four walls in the heart of Bangkok. Inside the Royal Palace was about 34 Temples/statues.

It sprinkled rain here and there as we are here in Monsoon season. The temperature is 88 degrees, pretty humid/sticky but totally bareable.

After the brief walk through the temple and dozens of tourist photos later, we found what I’m much more interested in: THE OUTDOOR STREET MARKET! With narrow pathways of Thai locals selling on their cart, or laid out on a mat – fruit cart, fish market, drink carts, mat filled with watches, more food.. Oh the AROMA!! Culinary Heaven!! Mainly the smell of fish balls & spicy thai curry.

In Thailand, you feel so at home. Chad agreed with me on this one, even though he’s not Asian. The people are genuinely courteous and so accomadating in giving directions, lending a hand. I’ve been to many countries and feel that Thailand and Costa Rica are the 2 most peaceful places to travel. People are laid back, there to help and always smiling.

Now we’re back at the hostel, about to get my first 90 minute Thai massage for about 15$ (considered expensive since we’re doing it at the hotel). Tonight, on to Khao San Road to meet other backpackers, roam the street of Folex watches & Hucci wallets. If lucky, to Pong Alley in the Red light district for some flare on our ‘One night in Bangkok’ fun!

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