Dalat, Vietnam: The Vietnamese Honeymoon

We toured Dalat, Vietnam today which is a little town the French transformed years ago into their own little getaway. Call it the little Paris. Dalat is a very clean, pretty, simple colonial town. Hilly, wide and clean streets that reminded me of Berkeley. Dalat is a small town of peace & tranquility, a relief from the grungier areas we’ve seen. This town is definitely well-kept. I’d call it a mid-life crisis getaway or the type of destination more locals enjoy. We observed dozens of Vietnamese honeymooners.

Dalat has mountains on one side where you can go trekking or camping, a waterfall park, a mini amusement park for adults called the “Valley D’amores” (valley of love) with heart-shaped ponds. I found it a bit tacky and was ready to move on.┬áPersonally, I would recommend skipping Dalat on your visit to Vietnam.


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