“From Haiti with Love”

“I never new that I would fall for this country but through all of the distruction and poverty, I have found some of the most beautiful and content people I have ever met. they have become the antethesis of western thinking which is welcome to me.”

My new production partner Bo Abel is out in Haiti right now shooting a Documentary. Last we spoke, after days settling in Haiti, he hadn’t picked up the camera yet because there was too much to see with his own eyes before soaking it all in.

I’m confident he’ll come back with a great piece. He plans on being there for 3 weeks, but he writes “I can actually live here”.

Keep updated with Haiti news in his blog – Media Set Free.
I’m sure you all see enough garbage on TV news everyday. I’m here to share with you real life, real people doing real things, from a genuine perspective that is non-dependent on media ratings & politically sensitive.

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