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Nearly 800 million people are still illiterate TODAY. That’s 1/9 people who cannot read or write, with 2/3 being women and children. While some may not think that helping ‘them’ will affect us here in the US, it certainly does. When you have nearly 1 million people not being able to work because they are handicapped by illiteracy, that affects the Global Economy as a whole through a rampant ripple effect.I believe that we have a duty in our lifetime to help the less fortunate whether locally or globally.Many ask why we don’t help locally when there are issues too. The answer is that I do. I volunteer at Big Brother Big Sister weekly as a mentor for a 2nd grader every thursday in South LA. She and many other students do need a good mentor to provide attention and guidance that they may not otherwise receive at home. But the fact is that all children in America have access to free, public school education through the 12th grade as well as a college education if they so choose.

For many areas in the world, girls have to drop out of school by the 2nd grade because their families cannot afford to send them to school (boys first usually). As a result, many are married off by the age of 9 or 10.We cannot continue to let this happen.

Where we were born should not determine whether or not we are able to read or not, this is what is referred to as the ‘Lottery of Life’. I am fortunate my grandparents were able to flee China during the communist era, which resulted in my parents having the opportunity to be college-educated in Taiwan. Then they took the leap of faith to foreign country and moved to America. Because of that, I had the opportunity to develop into an independent, educated young woman in America. This isn’t the case of millions of girls who are being born today.



Room to Read works at this problematic issue by partnering with local communities & governments in over 10 countries throughout SouthEast Asia & Africa. They have published 1300 culturally-relevant, local-language books that are distributed in Libraries throughout schools (18 million books to day). Since the NGO started in 2001, Room to Read has benefitted 11.5 million children and provided nearly 4000 scholarships to girls.This year, I took on the role of Co-Chapter leader of the LA Chapter. Over 40 chapters around the world’s sole purpose is to fundraise money for this cause by throwing events and through community engagement/awareness.

I would like to Cordially invite you all to a ‘Comedy for a Cause’ event we are throwing next Thursday, June 29 at THE HOLLYWOOD IMPROV from 8-9:30pm. Pre-Sale tickets are on sale at Eventbrite for $30 until tomorrow, and $40 at the door. VIP tickets and Sponsorship Opportunities still available. I hope to see you all there, laughing and celebrating for an amazing cause, as 100% of the proceeds will go to Room to Read. you cannot make the event but would like to make a One-Time Tax-Deductible Donation, feel free to do so at my fundraising page. Everything that you donate will be MATCHED by Hilton through the end of June. Which means that your donation will be DOUBLED!


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