Is Santorini really the most Romantic Greek Island?

We slept in past noon today, the first day we’ve done that. The weather got slightly better and warmer. We walked 15 minutes into the main town area to schedule our transportation to Athens. A 1-way flight would be 107 euros, but the travel agency gave us the option for an overnight ferry tonight to Athens for 37 euros. We took it on the spot. Even though we paid ahead for our car and hotel, we really don’t care to miss out on a night. Partly because we’d save money taking the ferry instead of the flight.

I’ve been having major withdrawals of Asian noodles, thankfully so was Marissa (our favorite food in the world). Luckily, we found a Chinese restaurant nearby, and it surely hit the spot. I would never dare compare the food with authentic Chinese food. We ordered Beef noodle soup, fried chow mein and hot and sour soup. We shopped some more afterward and bought some cute clothes, finally!!

Finally, we packed up our bags by 4pm from the hotel and hit the road again. This time southeast to Perivolos Beach, known as Black Sand beach. Santorini is known for many things. The most romantic island in Greece, black sand beach, red sand beach, white sand beach, wine country (many wine tasting spots every corner) and a way more laid back feel than Mykonos. It was quite interesting and beautiful to see black sand. We spent some time there then hit the road during sunset to red sand beach to the west named Kokkini.

I had heard prior to coming to Greece that Mykonos would be the chaotic party island, and Santorini the romantic island. I’ve yet to explore the rest of the Greek islands. But in my opinion, Mykonos has it all. You could surely make it purely a hedonistic party spot. But you could also make it the most romantic spot, with the beautiful variety of beaches it ranges from to the best restaurants and music. I felt truly at bliss there, and it didn’t have to be chaotic if you didn’t make it be.

Is Santorini really the most Romantic Greek Island?

Santorini on the other hand, other than Oia which is surely a sight for sore eyes, absolutely romantic for honeymooners and couples in love for a few nights. Away from Oia, Santorini was dull, gloomy and bland to me. Maybe it’ll take an older, more mature me in a decade or two to appreciate. Maybe 6 decades. This place was borderline eerie to me.

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