Should We Trust Budget Airlines?

The common misconception from novice travelers is that using budget or smaller airlines can save you vast amounts of money in the long run. Although, it does have some substance, many unfortunate travelers have fallen victim of some quite hefty add-ons. These additional costs are not always things that are budgeted for and can have serious implications on future travel. So, should we trust budget airlines?

should we trust budget airlines

Should We Trust Budget Airlines?

With many budget airlines struggling to make profits in today’s market, many employ other ways of attempting to drive their revenues. Unfortunately, this directly affects flyers, and sometimes, unsuspecting travelers. However, that doesn’t mean you should totally steer clear of the smaller airlines as they do serve a purpose. But be wary and do your research on your propose purchase thoroughly.

Staple things that budget airlines look to add taxations on, are things such as infant and baggage charges. An online newspaper from England the Telegraph published a comprehensive overview of all the baggage allowances allowed on flights, if you are unsure of what you are allowed. However, if the airline you are traveling with isn’t on the aforementioned list, simply check their official website. Most airlines also specify the baggage allowance on the ticket and online when you purchase. Be sure to make a note of it as not all airlines allow the same.

Airport taxes and seat reservations can also be charged to the original price of a ticket so be careful with these, too. One of the most surprising announcements recently was highlighted by UK-company Parking4Less when they published a blog post about Ryanair, who have craftily decreased their hand luggage allowance by 37% in a bid to increase profits through luggage charges.

All of the information I have documented in this article you can simply avoid if you research every part of your journey thoroughly. Just remember never to drop your guard against complacency as this when budget airlines are most effective at getting the better of flyers.

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