Drinking, Beaching and Eating in Mykonos

Greece is known for its beautiful beaches. The big families. The history. The white Togas. The ‘Alpha’ sexy men, where the word among the rest of the alphabet roots from. The big weddings. The white adobe houses with blue painted windows. The donkeys perhaps. The hedonistic life. Simply, I just love to eat, drink and beach bum it in Mykonos.

The food here has stood out the most to me. Yesterday morning we had breakfast at our apt made fresh by the owner of Maganos Apartments. She is the sweetest, most nurturing lady we could have asked for to make us feel at home. Everything is fresh here, most plants they grow in their backyard – cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

2 hours after breakfast, we were ready to eat again. What a surprise, we walked down the trail to Nikolas Restaurant, situated on Paraga Beach which we’ve been wanting to try. The price is inexpensive and the view is spectacular. There are not many people on this tiny beach. Every morning, they display their specialized item for the day. I ordered the boiled Octopus Salad (per usual) which contains chopped green peppers, fresh tomatoes, capers, topped with olive oil and red wine vinegar. I ate it with pure joy. Ambitiously gluttonous, I ordered a spaghetti with meat sauce which is my new obsession here in Greece.


After lunch, we walked to the more happening part of Paraga beach to catch a ferry back to Super Paradise. Due to weather conditions, there were no boats going out that afternoon. As an alternative, we caught a bus into town and decided to rent a vehicle for our remaining time in Mykonos. A scooter bike would be ideal, but seemingly very dangerous due to windy roads and our lack of experience riding. A car would cost at least 35 euros, so we rented an ATV as our best option. Bright orange in color may I add. I was happy of this choice.


For 20 Euros a day, I took control of the wheel and took us to Super Paradise beach. The ride was a bit scary at first. Narrow roads and crazy drivers, but we made it out alive. The scariest part was the steep drive towards the end to get to the actual beach. I screamed for dear life and braked with all my mite. All the way down. Weee!

We got to Super Paradise around 5pm and sensed that it wouldn’t be as crazy as yesterday but still enjoyed a few drinks by the water with a few familiar faces. I had my 2nd plate of Spaghetti Bolognese of the trip. The best one in town is here at Super Paradise.

Immigration workers: I noticed a few non-greek workers here besides the Chinese on the beach offering massages. I asked a manager and they said they were from Bangladesh, and they come in high-seasons to make money. Some others have been here for awhile, as Greece is a crossing point from Asia to Europe, some being able to pass through and get visas. Some others not, staying in Greece for a better life. I’m interested in these issues which seem minor but make up the bigger picture in each economy with immigrant workers.

An hour went by, and as the sun set, the standard tradition begins of something funky going down at Super Paradise. A group of 40 something year old Brazilians began to have a dance party. We weren’t sure if they were on drugs or what was going on. But it was surely entertaining. Within moments, we were pulled into the mix.


We had more of an urge to take it easy during the day and to experience Mykonos at night so we left shortly after and rode our ATV back during sunset. We got a bit lost heading back, but was in no hurry as Mykonos is small enough to find your way eventually. We stopped by Paraga Beach’s Market for direction and to buy a light dinner. I’m not sure if we have been intentionally trying to be romantic, or if anything European we do comes off romantic. But we bought a bottle of red vino, 2 kinds of cheese – Gouda & some nasty rubbery salty white cheese, cherries, plums, Tzaziki, and smoked trout.

We laid it out on the table by the pool area overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The owner of the hotel came by every few minutes with more treat. She’s so hospitable. I’d highly recommend staying at her hotel to ANYONE visiting Mykonos. She brought over fresh cucumbers at one point. Moments later, the lady brought over a Digestivo Martini. Similar in taste to Ouzo but not quite.

The key moment of the night was when we heard the “Mamma Mia” song in the distance and we thought we were hallucinating. There’s no way we thought! There had been no music playing. And one of the sole reasons we were in Greece was because of the movie! Yes, as cheesy as it sounds. Seconds later, it was confirmed that the song was playing! WE jumped up and down all around the pool to the song.


After dinner, we took a taxi into Old Venice around 10:30 and shopped around. The party scene doesn’t start until midnight so we took it easy at first. We stopped by a small cozy, trendy bar and each had a glass of red wine. On our way out, we ran into the Athenian men we had met the day before in Super Paradise and they advised to meet us at Jackie-O, the trendiest gay bar. We headed over to this gorgeous bar which is waterfront behind some beautiful windmills. Trendy good looking gay men strut around, us being the trophy fag hags.

The best music played (as always in Greece and all the European destinations). And to continue on the Greek dream, 3 more songs from the Mamma Mia soundtrack played. Of course, only in a gay bar! “Dancing Queen”, among others. By 2 am we got a bit bored, so we wandered off some more into town. Stopped by a few more bars just to check out the scene. The last stop, of course a small cafe by the beach for my 3rd plate of Spaghetti Bolognese!! Got to bed by 3am after a crazy windy taxi ride back.


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