Stylish, Sporty Car for Travelers: 2020 Kia Soul

2020 kia soul blog review
2020 kia soul blog reviewI have been on a little high the past year not having any car payments since I turned in my car lease last June. And so I’ve been casually browsing options for the near future. Many millennials in America have abandoned the obsession of flashy, expensive cars as a waste. Surveys have shown that people these days value quality of lifestyle, comfort, balance, practicality and minimalism. This applies to their decision in every day life including how they select the car they buy. People are going towards affordable, safe and more practical cars that are going to be comfortable yet stylish. I was invited to the Asian Media Ride & Drive event the end of February and learned a lot about the brand spankin’ new 2020 Kia Soul which fits this bill.

This is one of their most popular cars since it’s birth 10 years ago (2009), now going onto it’s 3rd generation. It’s obvious that Kia Motors has poured it’s ‘SOUL‘ into this car, hence naturally the name of the car. The Soul will be released by Spring 2019 (very soon!).

2020 kia soul blog review
Asian Media Ride & Drive Event at the Grass Room in Downtown LA

2020 kia soul blog review

We drove the car from Downtown LA, up the 101, 170 to 5 north highway to Granada Hills to test it’s drivability, comfort, speed, sound, technology and sound system on both local streets and highway. While the Kia Soul feels like a full-on SUV with it’s space, it’s technically a “Compact Crossover” in a shape of a Boxy Silhouette. The Soul has a chic design, modern technology and a range of beautiful colors to choose from.

6 Trim Levels:

  1. LX
  2. S
  3. X-Line
  4. GT-Line
  5. EX
  6. EX Design Collection

2020 kia soul blog review

2020 kia soul blog review

Some Awesome Features:

  • Average of 243 Mile Range – 30 MPH
  • The new “GT-Line” and “X-Line” boasts visual and sound performance
  • Exterior Design:
    • Slim-Design daytime running lights and turn signal indicators
    • Roof Rack Mounting points (perfect to strap on surfboards, camping equipments, canoes for all the outdoor adventures!)
  • Interior Design highlights:
    • Wireless charging
    • Dual auto climate control
    • Android Auto & Apple Car Play
    • 2 Bluetooth devices can be played at the same time
    • 10.25-inch wide display and available Head-Up Display play up Soul’s high tech image
  • Turbo-charged engine models available
  • The trunk can fit 3 carry-on luggage perfectly
    • Perfect for travelers on way to the airport or road trips!

A few of the differences and upgrades between the 1st and 2nd generation Kia Soul versus the 3rd generation models are it’s newly sculpted lines, up-to-date technology, cutting-edge details and technical lighting elements. When we asked what the main demographic of Kia Soul owners are? It was hard to define as there are a wide array of folks who own and drive this car. All age ranges, genders and demographics across the country have been proud owners of this car in the past decade. But one thing they seem to all have in common? Most of them are creative souls with expansive imaginations based off conversations and styles from many Kia events thrown in the past.

2020 kia soul blog review
If Travel Writing doesn’t work out, should I get into Import Modeling in my mid-30’s? (total joke)

Musical Experience in the Kia Soul:

What’s ultimately most important to me when choosing a car is the feeling and experience of driving it. Safety, comfort and smoothness matter. But the sound quality of the music system matters equally as I’m always bumping various music across all genres! We Angelenos obviously spend a LOT of time in our car (especially in traffic). We need to make this experience a lot more fun. The designers and engineers know that sound system matter a lot, especially for the creative owners of the Kia Soul. They designed it with an inspiration of the “emotional visualization of sound“. The Soul’s interior space is decorated with design, shape, texture that reflect acoustic inspired elements to create a full sensory experience.

  • Have you heard of “Sound Mood Lighting“?
    • Yes you heard that right. This light emits soft light from the center door panels which synchronizes the beat of the music playing through the Soul’s audio system!
  • The car has Kia Soul’s signature “Tweeter speakers”
  • Technologically advanced cockpit designed to provide visceral musical experience
2020 kia soul blog
Paul Fisher, Strategy and Planning Manager introduces us to the 3rd Generation Kia Soul

In attendance to educate us on the 3rd generation Kia Soul was:

  • James Bell, Director of Corporate Communications & Social
  • Paul Fisher, Strategy and Planning Manager
  • Howard Lim, Senior Corporate Communications Manager
2020 kia soul blog
Photo Courtesy of

The Kia Soul is the most affordable of the Kia Crossover/SUV/Minivan Family with various vibrant colors to choose from. The Red and White colors are shiny and rich which we got to meet, but also check out the two shades of green for some earthier tones. The pricing ranges from a very affordable $17,000 to $27,000 with a five-star crash rating. What else could you ask for!?

2020 kia soul blog

2020 kia soul blog  2020 kia soul blogTo learn more about the sporty and redefined 2020 Kia Soul, visit their website: 

Disclaimer: I was invited to the Asian Media Ride & Drive event, sponsored by Kia Motors USA. All opinions are my own.

2020 kia soul blog


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