Airboating through the Everglades


When many of us think of Florida, we think of Miami and all the beautiful beaches along both sides of the coast. Recently, I took a trip with my boyfriend to Marco Island on the west coast, 30 miles south of Naples, and 60 miles west of Fort Myers. While the beaches there were surreal with soft white sand and turquoise blue water, I wanted an adventure outside the resort so I hopped in my rental car to explore. Which is how I ended up in Everglades City.

Marco Island, on the west coast of Florida.

As we drove into the resort town, I remembered seeing all the signs for swamp and airboat tours. I made a reservation with Speedy’s Airboat Tour, recommended by my hotel and drove 45 minutes to Everglades City which is located on the southern tip of Florida. They offer 1 hour boat rides with an exclusive 6 passenger seat on their airboat to explore the Mangrove Jungles and Grasslands. The seating is elevated so you have a better view of everything.

To give you a sneak peak, this is a video I filmed & edited of my exciting adventure:



Everglades are a natural region of tropical wetlands in Florida. It comprises of the southern half of a large drainage basin and is part of the ‘neotropic ecozone’.

Humans have been inhabiting this region for over 15,000 years with the earliest trace being the native Calusa and Tequesta Indian tribes (way before the Spanish and European settlements).



Entering the Mangroves

The Airboat picks up it’s speed while entering the mangroves, feeling as if you’re in a video game.


The smooth boat ride includes a witty captain with a thick southern accent who narrates how life existed before all the settlements, global warming and developments. He introduced us to the various plants and trees we were passing while spotting alligators, crocodiles, manatees, wild birds and many more sea life. The airboats goes through 1000 acre private section of the Florida Everglades.



The Peaceful Grasslands


See the reflection of the clouds through the Grassland swamps.

Spotting Animals in it’s Natural Habitat

Heron Birds

bird1 bird2 bird3 eagle1

Alligator Spotting
gator1 gator3


After your lovely boat tour, grab some fresh seafood at City Seafood, the restaurant next door! I ordered the blackened shrimp, it was delicious! Other options are: gator meat, fresh caught blue crab and a variety of fish.


How to Get to Speedy’s Airboat Tours


Open daily from 9am-5pm // http:/



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