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Couch Surf. One Country at a Time

Couch Surfing, in case you haven’t heard of this phenomenon, is taking the notion of Backpacking the World to a whole other level. On, you can find people all over the world (5 million in 97k cities) who are offering their couch, their space to travelers. Unlike AirBnB, which is a similar concept, Couchsurfers offer travelers to stay for free, the purpose of connecting and cultural exchange. Their mission is simple, “Create inspiring Experiences“.

I haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet although I’m not opposed to it. Couchsurfing is something I’ve heard many great stories about and friendships formed. Sure, it can be scary too. For many, the idea of traveling outside their safety zone is scary enough, let alone staying at a strangers house. If you’re ready for more adventure though, this is an alternative method in saving money, literally being invited to a foreigners home, given the opportunity to fully embrace into another’s culture.

There’s a new documentary out “One Couch at a Time, Surfing into a Sharing Economy” on Veteran Couchsurfer Alexandra Liss, who has couchsurfed through 20 countries and shares with you her amazing experiences. I bet it’ll inspire you to travel some more.

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