Travel Essential: Noise Canceling Head Phones

Noise Canceling HeadphonesOne of the most thoughtful presents I received last year was a Bose Noise Canceling Headphone. I’m an avid traveller who ironically doesn’t love the literal act of flying. But obviously love the destination, convenience, new experiences of traveling.┬áThese headphones really make the ride in the air a lot less dreadful!

The few pet peeves I have with flying which many of you may agree with (and I admit, are very much #FirstWorldProblems), are as follows:

  1. The loud aviation noise that buzzes in our ears that result in headaches.
  2. Crying, screaming babies. It’s not their fault that their sensitive little ears are popping, or that their parents couldn’t hire baby sitters for the trip, or the fact that airplanes have not built sound-proof rooms just for babies, but it’s extremely painful to endure this on a 20 hour flight, especially with more than 1 baby on board.
  3. Any outside noise that restricts a good sleep!
    1. ie: snoring, random in-flight information over the intercom, friendly neighbors that want to spark up a convo.

These issues have been solved magically after using the Noise Canceling headphones, now a travel essential in my What to Pack list! They are extremely comfortable with the soft ear padding and are excellent headphones in general for music & on-board movies. Not to mention, very chic and provides a friendly message to others: “I’m busy, leave me alone” when you’re wearing it. Additionally, the headphones come with a savvy, puffy case to fit on your carry-on bag.

The Bose brand can be pricy although reliable. There are other brands that offer this, in any case, a travel essential for all International & Domestic Travelers!

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