Where are you Really from?

What Kind of Asian are You?

what kind of asian are youSo hysterical and sheds light on how pathetic and uncultured some people are in America. This happens typically when a guy is trying to “spit game” or even just regular people we meet everyday. “Where are you from?” I answer, “LA”.. “No, where are you Really from!? You look Japanese, Korean?” I answer “Oh. Parents born in Taiwan. But since you really care, my Grandparents born in China. Previous ancestors a millennial back perhaps Mongolian. Prior to that, Chimpanzees.”

Typically the conversation elevates to, “I love Chinese food!! Orange chicken & california rolls are the best.” Vomit. Chinese people don’t eat orange chicken, or chinese chicken salad for that matter!

The Terms: Ethnicity vs Nationality

This video grasps such a simple, but troubling reality many people who are not “White-looking” face. I think it all comes down to changing the wording so they don’t sound like complete idiots. How about simply, “What ethnicity are you?”

And while we’re on that note, “What nationality are you?” refers to what ‘Nation’ you come from. In that case, I am of American ‘nationality’.

*Ethnicity, on the other hand, relates to cultural factors such as genetics, heritage, ancestry and culture.

Thank you, come again.

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