20 06, 2012

Global Yoga Day, with Love from LA

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  This past Saturday, 100 Yoga studios from around the World participated in Room to Read's "Global Yoga Day", raising money for Girl's Scholarships in India (costs 250$/year to support a girl). Our LA Chapter secured 2 studios within a block from each other in Santa Monica. I truly felt that Karmic Vibration from the [...]

3 06, 2012

Namaste India! Global Yoga Day.

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Imagine a day this Summer where individuals from all over the world come together, quiet their minds, and send all their Positive Energy to one cause. A cause to encourage Girl's Education & Gender Equality. Feel that Karmic vibration. Let's do it. Dear fellow Yogi, Studio Owner, Friends, Family, my respected Global community, Hope you're [...]

5 03, 2012

Peaceful Mantra

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Whether you're an active Yogi, or just a friend needing a peaceful Mantra to get you through the 405 during Rush hour, I want to share with you one of my favorite Mantras. This is one of the Sanskrit chants we use to conclude Yoga sessions, adds a euphoric finishing touch! It's also one of [...]

6 02, 2012

India: “Daughters of the Brothel” Documentary

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We often forget how lucky we are. Statistically they say, we're better off than 99% of the world, those that live in the US that is. I try to remind myself that when I'm down and out, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We often watch World news, Documentaries, starving children in Charity ads, and [...]

20 10, 2010

Outsourced TV Show – First All Indian Cast

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I am loving the new sitcom on NBC: Outsourced. Now you say automatically, "Of course Jacki you'd love that show! There's Indians on there!" Yes, I do admire and celebrate Indian culture as one of my favorites, but this show is truly enjoyable to watch with a lot of truth. Only 4 episodes have broadcasted, [...]

25 07, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

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How many of you have read Eat, Pray, LoveĀ & have dreamt of blissfully drifting away to the 3 beautiful countries starting with 'I' -- Italy to fall in Love & indulge, India to seek Spirituality & Balance at an Ashram from 3am-noon, Indonesia for a Simple life on motorbikes & learning the culture? Disregard the [...]

17 05, 2010

Documentary: “Project Kashmir”

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"Project Kashmir" will air tomorrow night (Tuesday 10pm) on PBS: Independent Lens, which has become my top 3 favorite channel. I don't watch much T.V., with the exception of PBS, CNN, Travel Channel, National Geographic once in awhile, when I can gather my self-diagnosed ADHD to relax & watch. How many of you have heard [...]

15 04, 2009

Children of the Pyre, a Documentary on Varanasi

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  A film about the realities of children in Varanasi Children of The Pyre is a documentary showing the compelling real-life story of children living and working in India. It's a self-narrative of 7 extraordinary children who make their living out of the dead inĀ Manikarnika, the busiest cremation ground in India.   This [...]

17 02, 2009

Vaccination for India

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It is crucial that you check at least a month prior to your trip, if vaccinations are necessary. What I learned from my mistake, I hope you learn, is to go to your own physician, or any doctor in your insurance network for these shots. Most of these vaccinations are recommended anyways every few years [...]

8 03, 2008

Back in Cali.. Healthy & Alive

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Hello friends, I am back. And Alive. I caught a cold, but I believe was on the flight.. Let me just say that it was the most obnoxious 2 day flight/travel back EVER. It was a 6 hour flight from GOA to Chennai (I originally thought that i'd visit Chennai for a few days.. but [...]