18 03, 2016

Hotel d’Angleterre, Copenhagen

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All Photos Courtesy of Hotel d'Angleterre Denmark is continuously leads the world in the finest accomplishments. The country is recognized as having “The Happiest People in the World,” the most Michelin rated restaurants (including the best restaurant in the world, Noma). So it comes as no surprise that they also have one of [...]

8 07, 2015

Are the French Rude?

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"Are the French Rude?" I was asked this question today at a Business Meeting when I mentioned I was in Paris in April. This is a huge common misconception. I've been asked time and again when I mention travels to France. I wondered this too myself before I had gone back to France since a decade ago. [...]

9 06, 2015

Top 6 Travel Apps You Should Have

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Traveling, like Life itself, is not a static thing. It never has been, physically or mentally. Technology has changed Traveling even more in the past decade, some say for the better, other's disagree. You can't argue though that it has made the whole experience a lot more convenient with research, routes, what to see, where [...]

19 02, 2015

Top 7 Sand Beaches in the World

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A beautiful sandy beach with the soothing sound of waves breaking on the shore is at the top of the list of many people’s requirements when planning their summer holiday. This list brings together some of the most idyllic spots in the world for feeling soft and warm sand in between your toes. There’s something [...]

24 09, 2013

“Travels with Epicurus”

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An extract I found in the back of the book "Travels with Epicurus" by Daniel Klein. A satirical irony of the mentality and outlook of Americans versus European Lifestyle. This is one of the best travel philosophy books I've picked up in awhile! Epicureanism as a Living Philosophy Today Aegean islanders like to tell a joke [...]

10 09, 2013

Mini me is off to Whimderlust!

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What is this term "Whimderlust" I refer to? Out of all the travel jargons, this is a first I've heard this too. My baby sister invented that word a few days ago for her blog, creating a fusion between traveling on a "Whim" & "Wanderlust". Hey, who knows if it'll end up on the Webster [...]

12 11, 2012

Pintxos: Basque Country’s Culinary Novelty

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San Sebastian, located in the northern tip of Spain 'Basque Country' is considered "Culinary Capital" of the world. It's known to have more Michelin-Stars per capita than anywhere else in the world. Dozens of intersected streets and alleys are filled with Pintxo Bars in San Sebastian. One can easily go from spending 15 euros a meal [...]

12 09, 2012

San Sebastian, Spain

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  San Sebastian, Spain  San Sebastian is one of those coastal towns you may have heard of in passing. But unless you've stepped foot on this beautiful town, you won't realize that such a dream spot can be reality. San Sebastian reminds me of falling in Love, or Lust for that matter. It's the type [...]

27 08, 2012

Picnic atop Montserrat, Spain

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One of my most memorable highlights in Spain was our half-day trip to Montserrat in the Catalonia region, part of the Catalan pre-coastal range. "Montserrat" means "jagged (serrated) mountain" in Catalan. It describes it's peculiar aspect with multitude of rock formations which are visible from a great distance. We rode a train north-west for an hour from [...]

12 08, 2012

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

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As I lay here on my friend's couch in Sicily at 1am in the morning Sunday night, I watched another one of Where the Hell is Matt videos. Who's Matt? He's a World Traveller who became an instant Youtube hit after his video went viral of him doing his signature funny dance in every place [...]