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23 02, 2012

Healthy, Vegan Afghan Food:: Spinach Bolani

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          Oh my. What a discovery today! I parked my car at Westwood Village for a quick errand to Verizon for my Blackberry. I glanced out to the street and realized that Farmers Market was going on. I strolled out through the crowds of UCLA students and noticed the Middle-eastern stand [...]

9 02, 2012

Live Fast, die Young..

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Bad Girls do it Well.                     I'm rocking out to M.I.A's latest hit "Bad Girls". Catchy beat & a visually exotic music video filmed in Morocco, the #1 country currently on my To-Travel list. Her latest controversy was her middle-finger at the Superbowl half-time performance with Madonna [...]

24 01, 2012

Bravo’s new show: “Shahs of Sunset”

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The Persian Version of Jersey Shore I'm sitting here in Westwood "Tehrangulous" watching the newest reality show, "Shahs of Sunset", the hometown of UCLA & a huge Persian population. How convenient as I nibble on 'Sangak' (a wheat-sourdough flat bread known to be Iran's national bread) dipped in 'Most o'Moussir' (yogurt with shallots) and 'Ghormeh [...]

5 11, 2011

Hello Afghanistan

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A beautiful insight look into a country we know so little & limited about. Hello Afganistan, I hope we can meet soon. With Love, Jackistan

26 10, 2010

Music & Imagination taking me back to the Middle East:: Rant.

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I stumbled across this music video while listening to other Sarah Brightman classics "Phantom of the Opera", "Its a beautiful day" and "Time to Say goodbye". I am absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of this music video & am instantly transported through my imagination back to the Middle East. The mystique in her astonishing opera [...]

9 06, 2010

Camping in the Bedouin Tents in Negev Desert

By | June 9th, 2010|Categories: Israel|

Who are the Bedouin tribe people? I'm still not all clear of their history. But they are known as a small population of Arab people who are the wanderers of the desert. They stick with their tribal traditions, are strict Muslims, roam the desert with their Camels and Goats. Most are not really educated. A [...]

30 05, 2010

Istanbul to Celcuk

By | May 30th, 2010|Categories: Turkey|

At 9 pm we board the overnight bus to Celcuk in Izmir, south west of Isntabul. The bus was filled with about 20 American college students which sandwiched us in the front and some local Turks behind us.. both parties would NOT shut up throughout the night! The seats werent that comfortable and with their non-sense [...]

26 05, 2010

Party in Taksim Square (Beyoglu)

By | May 26th, 2010|Categories: Turkey|

After some hookah & gettıng to know one another among our group upstaırs - 2 brothers ( Seyıt 26 & brother 36) who are almost done openıng a hotel down the street also called Second Home but more suıte style for students. Also a hostel worker named Hakan who theyre good frıends wıth.. and a [...]

25 05, 2010

Istanbul.. You`re Gorgeous.

By | May 25th, 2010|Categories: Turkey|

We arrıved ın Istanbul 12.30 am. I had arranged wıth our Hostel to arrange a drıver to pıck us up. Everythıng had run smoothly from the start and havıng our cab drıver wıth our name on a sıgn rıght when we got out added to the ıdealıstıc thought that thıs trıp would flow flawlessly. We [...]

23 05, 2010

Backpacking Turkey, Greece, Israel for 3 weeks

By | May 23rd, 2010|Categories: Europe, Middle East|

On ze Road again.. with my dearest Friend, Jujeh, #1 Foodie.. Marissa! ~May 23 - June 11: Starting with an 8 hour Layover in Amsterdam.. running off the plane & hopping on the Subway to town for a few hours, visit Van Gogh museum after some local treats. Backpacking Istanbul, Turkey to taste what's known [...]